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The manager can create up to 3 strategies from the tactics screen. The first step is to create a strategy, then this should define it as you like and save it to end.



It can choose the starting line-up, who will be the substitutes, the tactic with which start the match, the free kick shooters, trained plays that you want to use in the match and areas of attack and defense of the team.

When choosing players for the starting line-up, keep in mind that if you do not play in their area will suffer penalties in all its skills based on the adaptability of the position in the match (the penalty is not displayed in tactics screen, but the player appears in orange), the influence is shown in the following table:



Depending on the chosen tactics, these are the correct positions of each player:

Each tactic (arrangement of players on the field), has its bonuses depending on the type of field where you go to play the match. In the selection screen tactics shown in three columns bonuses depending on the state of the pitch. Bonuses of construction and destruction will accumulate points that the team values and the attack is a bonus of 5% or 10% success rate in each team's attack. That is, +1 is + 5% and +2 is + 10%.

Control the midfield is vital to have chances during the match, this is indicated by the values ofcreation and destruction shown below the pitch. These values are calculated by adding the assigned played, players and occupying the midfield.

Creation: Sum of control skill from all players in midfield divided by 12. If the sum of the organizations of the middle organization is 160, would be divided between 12. For each defense (right, left or central back) does not rise to attack 5 points less in construction are penalized.

Destuction: Sum of tackle skills of all players in midfielders divided by 12. If the sum of the tackle of the midfielders is 160, 160 would be divided between 12. The value of each play defense adds.

That is, the number of players in the midfield will not influence the mean of players playing in that position is calculated. In any case, the display of tactics you can see in real time the contribution of the players in the creation and destruction.


Depending on fitness and fatigue player is shown with a clock icon, based on these watches time that holds starting line-up is calculated without making substitutions. Ranging between 52 minutes and 82 minutes. Once the time out for substitutions during the match, if no substitution is made, the team will lose 1 point of construction and destruction every minute of the match. This factor does not affect players entering from the bench.

manager futbol +1 point

manager futbol +2 points

manager futbol +3 points

manager futbol +4 points

manager futbol +5 points


Adding the points of each player, the bar will reach minutes following:

If is greater than 54 - to 82 minutes

If is greater than 51 - to 75 minutes

If is greater than 48 - to 67 minutes

If is greater than 45 - to 60 minutes

If you are 45 or less - to 52 minutes


Free kicks shooters and penalties will be chosen by clicking on the player on the pitch, a screen where you can select the free kicks shooters order. Is chosen by player name and if the player selected not already in the pitch skips to the next player on the list.

manager futbol


You can choose the incidence of attack in each area of the field. Clicking on each area can vary the percentage of attack for each area of the pitch. In addition there are three boxes to choose whether each of the sides and join the central attack. This should do when these players are skilled at attacking moves because uncheck each of these boxes represents 5 pt least in the creation of the team.


The defensive reinforcement in areas of attack the opposing team can pick at the initial moment, depending on the number of defenses that have the strategy will get 2,4 or 6 points of defensive bonus to be distributed in an area of the field. It is important to configure all possible cases because depending on substitutions may give the three situations.

Example: According to the picture, if the team were playing 4-4-2, and has four defenders on the field, the opposing team has 10% less likely to succeed in their right wing and center attacks, in addition to the 20% bonus on free kicks defense. If the team changed to a 3-4-3 tactic would have 3 defenders and only have a bonus in free kicks defense.


For each match you can choose up to 8 plays that had been previously developed and trained (training screen). For these plays take effect during the match, must match tactics and be the three players present.


Once selected, they will appear under the pitch to the right. The moves are displayed in three different colors depending on the type of play and if it is valid. With the cursor over each play appears that players involved in it.

Green: Attack played

Red: Defensive played

Yellow: Invalid played


J: pitch played, construction or destruction adds

F: free kick played, is not added or the construction or destruction


The free kicks played add or subtract a percentage of 10% of success for every 15 points earned level.

Example: If three free kicks plays attack valid, totaling 33 points, the team will have a 20% greater chance of scoring a goal on that attack.




To set a new tactical substitution or modification must be pressed on the substitution you want to edit or to add substitution, once this is done, a window to select the conditions and the changes will appear.


After setting the conditions, it is marked players coming in and out. As a lineup, it is marked in orange who are out of position. Obviously you can only set 3 substitutions between starting line-up and bench, though they had already exceeded the number of substitutions or could not do all this change was implemented in full.



It can choose offensive and defensive style. All strategies created will have the same style of play and if the points of continuity is varied is set to zero. You can accumulate up to 4 points of continuity, for each missing, the party will be deducted 1 point to the coach's trust. Depending on the offensive and defensive opponent and vice versa the measures shall have the following effect on the construction and destruction:


From the viewer plays button you will see the attacking plays that made the team and see the skills used by each player in each of the plays.

chat comments
 juego futbol juego futbol Alex Soares  74   25  juego futbol pase 84/desmarque 81 por 40 millones
  Fonsinho  26/5/2020 00:10
 Todas las fechas libres para amistosos!
  Savi33  25/5/2020 23:27
 No es normal , mi portero nivel 83 , valoración este año de 5,53 media , un desastre vamos ...
  mendiola  25/5/2020 23:15
 Menos diarios y mas patear la pelota contra la pared por favor.
  Xavi Iniesta  25/5/2020 09:19
 Es un programa bien de mierda del año 2006, tan de mierda como el diario marca y su amarillismo antifutbol.
  Xavi Iniesta  25/5/2020 09:18
 Las Aventuras de Torbe - Especial Messi (Versión anuncio Natillas Danet)
  Paulo Wanchope  25/5/2020 07:42
 Es un programa de humor
  Sylar  25/5/2020 06:54
 Lo acvo de ver!! La verdad que es lamentable !! No hay nada de gracia más bien asqueroso y un programa lamentable totalmente de acuerdo dream team
  krasess  25/5/2020 06:45
 7 minutos , 18 recien cumplidos , en fin , asqueroso es quedarse corto , si hubiera sido el el dia siguiente les hubiera denunciado por acoso
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  25/5/2020 06:40
 es increible que existan estos programas en argentina , totalmente denunciable y asqueroso , esque no tiene desperdicio , veanlo son 9 minutos sobran
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  25/5/2020 06:37
 alexa manager futbol
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  25/5/2020 06:35
 Hola a todos , es increible por lo que se parezca que haya programas asi , y sale a la luz el acoso que recibio si acoso , a messi cuando este solo
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  25/5/2020 06:35
 Amistosos libres. Acepto sobre la marcha.
  Little_Island  25/5/2020 06:15
 necesito jugadores buenos pero no caros
  javierx19  25/5/2020 06:10
 Alguien puede ofrecerme un Club Social? Gracias!!
  ahock  25/5/2020 04:35
 juego futbol juego futbol Newell´s Old Boys vende muy barato por necesidad de espacio , llévate tu jugador.
  El loco bielsa  25/5/2020 01:23
 Club social VIKINGOS!! Gana prestigio para alcanzar el equipo que quieres! Tenemos grupo de whatsapp, plaza libre disponible!! Escribeme
  vramirez2  25/5/2020 00:33
 Se vende juego futbol juego futbol Yiasemis Solomou  56   27  juego futbol francotirador con ent 82 y tir 91
  Kamiku Tokujishi  24/5/2020 19:54
 Tremendo aporte Triple, da gusto ver la implicación de todos vosotros! Gracias!
  Nebjeperure  24/5/2020 07:29
 Gente. Se han añadido valores en los filtros de búsqueda por precio y salario. Grande Niki!!!
  Triple R  24/5/2020 05:49
 Transferibles, precio negociable: juego futbol juego futbol Leandro Vaca  72   23  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol John Carey  73   22  juego futbol
  Pearlnew  24/5/2020 05:13
 juego futbol juego futbol Kristof Troch  71   19  juego futbol medio con muy buen pase
  Calero  24/5/2020 02:29
 Algunos siguen subiendo habilidades. Buenos precios. todo negociable. juego futbol juego futbol Standard
  Rusty James  24/5/2020 02:29
 juego futbol juego futbol Donatello Gotti  71   28  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Lorenzo Ricce  65   19  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Tommy Olsen  70   27  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Brecht Lombaerts  74   23  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Angelo Di Santis  71   28  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Wendelmar Scheidemann  71   27  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Israel Murillo  70   23  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Jan Enegren  70   20  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Eudo Querzoli  67   19  juego futbol
  Rusty James  24/5/2020 02:28
  Lucas Pusineri  24/5/2020 01:10
 Se vende delantero 87 tiro 83 remate por 9M , info en MP
  Nebjeperure  24/5/2020 00:13
 juego futbol juego futbol Ulises Abbo  79   19  juego futbol arquerito negociable, el UNO que necesitás para tu equipo y estabas buscando!!!
  Pancho de ALMAGRO  23/5/2020 22:50
 De nada, ¡bienvenido de nuevo! Cualquier otra duda, me preguntas
  Fonsinho  23/5/2020 18:14
 Gracias, Fonsinho! Me he reincorporado hace poco y ya no me acuerdo de algunas cosas. Un saludo a todos!
  Customito  23/5/2020 18:09
 1) Sí 2) En principio no le sirve, a menos que quieras pasarlo a entrenador del primer equipo posteriormente (tampoco es especialmente recomendable)
  Fonsinho  23/5/2020 17:54
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