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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Manager FDF? It is an online manager game in the style of the legendary FIFA Manager or Championship Manager where mange real team, training, transfer, economy, tactics, stadium, etc.

That is to say, a copy of the hattrick? No, in the Hattrick no real teams. In the FDF there are real teams, the major leagues from Europe and South America (in some cases with 2nd or 3rd division) and a limited number of managers eligible teams.

So it's like Comunio? Can I make links with my friends? No, nothing like comunio. You can not make your particular league. You have to play the default real leagues, such as the Serie A, Liga BBVA, Premier League, etc ... Another thing is that you and your friends are going all the same national league.

And you can pick the team that I please? Obviously not. At first you'll be a rookie, with 0 prestige, and therefore you will choose a few teams, usually 2nd division, several countries at random. Later you can switch teams if you do not like your current club, though, keep in mind that the great teams of the best leagues require a certain prestige, achieved winning matches and progress through the game. In conclusion, do not imagine that after a week playing'll join Real Madrid or Chelsea.

When matches are played FDF? The game progresses with a method of ticks. There are two ticks a day, at 11 am and 23 pm. On each tick pass three days in the game. The matches often played every 3 ticks, which becomes a match every day or day and a half. When you enter the game, down in a bar, you will see the tick in which each match is played.

And the matches are displayed? The matches are displayed Championship Manager style, like this:

manager futbol online

Can I interact in the course of the match? No, the tactics, the planned changes and other actions are performed previously. During the match you just have to sit in front of the screen and enjoy (or suffer).

Do I have to be present at the exact time to not penalize me? No, it is not necessary to know that tick your match is played. Matches are played, the result hides you, and when you log in you will see a screen within the game with your last matches played, you click on the match that interests you and you visualize, so easy.

Why I can not do signings? Patience, to make buying and selling players you have to have happened to and logged into the game for 7 days. It is a way to avoid pitfalls or mistakes from rookie managers before understand how the FDF Manager.

Can I fire a bad player who touched me? Yes, but note that in dismissing players (and employees) the game will penalize lowering the prestige (which impacts to achieve joining best teams) and evaluation (if it ends up being negative, is the dismissal of your current club). So do it in moderation.

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manager futbol online   manager futbol online   manager futbol online
manager futbol online   manager futbol online   manager futbol online
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Every four years, continental competitions between teams will be held. Each has its own competition contiente....
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If two or more teams are tied on points at the end of a phase of regular season in all competitions shall be run by the following factors, in this order:...
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chat comments
 Animo, la proxima temporada seguro que sera otra gran pelea
  Frananna  7/4/2020 09:31
 Ahora más que nunca, Sevilla FC!!! PD: Barça, Barça, MIERDA!!!
  topclass  7/4/2020 09:24
 juego futbol juego futbol Eintracht Frankfurt Cracks en venta, hagan sus ofertas!
  Sylar  7/4/2020 09:11
 animo a todos para el final de temporada
  Frananna  7/4/2020 08:28
 estado siguiendo la liga desde que entre(jejej)
  Frananna  7/4/2020 08:27
 muy buenas, enhorabuena al Barça por la liga,sin menospreciar el gran trabajo del sevilla y Valencia.Visca el Barça
  Frananna  7/4/2020 08:27
 Por cierto buen equipos has dejado tuxeira , buen trabajo , a ver si alguien sigue , un buen equipo libre en españa , suerte donde vayas
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  7/4/2020 08:15
 y como cule que soy , estoy muy contento , de nuestra liga , y aficionado que soy , visça el barça
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  7/4/2020 08:03
 Hola , mis mas sincera norabuena alvin por el titulo de liga tan deseado , una mas en las vitrinas , ahora solo falta ya una champions league
  DREAM TEAM BARÇA  7/4/2020 08:01
 has visto la liga rumana ? 5 equipos en Europa y en breve cobrando el doble
  andrei  7/4/2020 07:14
 Tiene pinta que en breve olía a primera
  Clipercanario  7/4/2020 07:03
 Buen material dejaste tuxeira, ojalá nose lo cargen
  Clipercanario  7/4/2020 07:02
 es otro opcion
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 06:18
 Mejor a Bélgica
  Shaka  7/4/2020 06:18
 el breda esta libre
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 06:16
 pues vente pa holanda
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 06:16
 Se me va la olla,dejo el ESPAÑOL,necesito cambiar de aires,el club queda con bastante dinero en caja y buen proyecto de futuro por si hay interesados
  TUXEIRA  7/4/2020 04:52
 juego futbol juego futbol Zulte Waregem juego futbol juego futbol Racing Genk juego futbol juego futbol Westerlo equipo libre en belgica el que quiera venir son bienvenido . todo somos pakete no se asusten
  Forastero-  7/4/2020 04:35
 yo pensaba que estaba al mando hasta septiembre, bueno pues el mensaje para quien esté al cargo
  scytal  7/4/2020 03:27
 Scytal, Vlao ya no está al mando.
  Fantasma  7/4/2020 03:24
 Defensor 81 pase y 87 entradas, 22 años. Se escuchan ofertas juego futbol juego futbol John Carey  72   22  juego futbol
  Pearlnew  7/4/2020 03:18
 @Vlaovic la próxima temporada ponla toda triple turno, porfavor
  scytal  7/4/2020 03:09
 el precio es negociable si alguien esta interesado que me avise para empezar las negociaciones
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 02:29
 juego futbol juego futbol Henning Thoresen  72   21  juego futbol estoy vendiendo este jugador precio negociable
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 02:17
 enhorabuena Savi
  andrei  7/4/2020 01:55
 34 partidos jugados, 34 ganados, campeón copa Venezuela por lejos el mejor equipo del País!
  Savi33  7/4/2020 01:13
 no pasa nada si no me ofreceis ninguno no me voy a enfadar xd
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 00:52
 la edad menos de 27
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 00:51
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 00:50
 pero que tenga remate mas de 80
  hhijohyu  7/4/2020 00:50
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